Covid-19 Impact on Marketing Budgets

With most agencies and ‘clients’ – we are all fearful of what the impact Covid-19 has on our industry. Marketing is generally the first port of call when it comes to any budget cuts, agencies and marketers are using this time to showcase their value and strategic importance as role players in the bigger picture of – Survival!

With some loved businesses and brands calling it quits as the repercussions of Covid on what was traditional, is no longer a necessity and therefore the light is being shone on brands to prove their worth and reason to survive. The realization that the crisis will affect some industries and brands more than others is clear when you see ‘essential service’ brands struggling to meet demand. Luxury and service-related goods are in a more precarious position. As are any brands that haven’t quite ‘moved with the times’ and still rely on traditional and brick-and-water concepts to generate sales.

Some significant statistics on a recent research shows that 69% of brands expect they will decrease ad spend in 2020. For anyone who has set budgets themselves, understands that with every cut the motivation gets harder and harder as each year passes.

So with shoestring budgets and the toughest climate yet – what is fundamental to survival of the brands?

Enter Recover Strategies.

From lockdown strategies to re-opening strategies to recovery plans. The ability to work extremely effectively with the highest efficiencies yet is imperative. Agencies need to prove their worth by offering agile and quick-to-execute outputs and solutions.

As an agency, we feel very proud of our growth and ability to adapt to change - quickly! Aside from turning around quick recovery strategies for brands, we have also introduced an innovative “shopping” function our website. Offering brands an opportunity to shop for basic and quick turnaround advertising solutions and outputs.

Since our establishment almost 4 years ago, Hello A-list has acquired and worked with some blue chip clients including CNA, Jet, Edgars Active, The Nelson Mandela Foundation, Finish, The TiAuto Group and Guess to name a few. Hello A-List empowers youth by working with the likes of Boston Media House to ensure that soon to be graduates and graduates get an opportunity to work in the job of their dreams that exposes them to various agency specialities such as client service, content creation, digital and traditional PR, media planning and buying, social media and events management. “We really do take a collaborative approach to branding by combining our experience in strategy, storytelling and consumer engagement with our clients brand expertise to generate powerful and innovative brand experiences that win both hearts and minds”, says Alisha Ramasar.

Aside from building young talent, Hello A-list is a young, dynamic and innovative agency that establishes valuable and long-lasting relationships by going the extra mile and doing business with love to ensure that their clients receive the highest level of professionalism and delivery on outputs with a touch of something special.

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